The Vanishing Flamingoes- Lake Nakuru

I got a chance to visit Lake Nakuru National Park last month….. I must say a lot has changed. My last visit must have been 4-5 years ago.

Lake Nakuru is one  of the many lakes on the floor of the Great Rift Valley.  The lake is surrounded by the  Park which is home to a huge variety of mammals like the black and white rhino.

Its one of the only parks in Kenya where you can use your personal car for game drives. The murram roads within the park are well maintained.

Lake Nakuru has always been known for its flamingoes.  Fast forward to today….there are hardly any flamingoes on the lake . The rising water levels in the recent years have caused them to move  to Lake Bogoria.

The lake water has spread into the park as you can see in the photo above cutting off some roads within the park.

All is not lost for the park .Its a perfect weekend getaway as its only a 2 hours drive from Nairobi.

You can still enjoy a wonderful game drives within the park.


You can  also visit the view points over looking the lake.( Lion hill, Baboon cliff and Out of Africa)

Enjoy a visit to Makalia Falls located within the park.


So if you are visiting Nakuru County soon…… Go out and enjoy this wonderful park.

Happy Travels!!


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56 thoughts on “The Vanishing Flamingoes- Lake Nakuru

  1. I tweeted this, but my preference is pinning. If I pinned it though, it didn’t have a good image, and I also didn’t know where this park was located!


  2. What a glorious spot for a get away! Interesting you can drive your own car. I suppose that the game you see like the giraffes and rhino are not disturbed by people driving around?


  3. Did you get any shots of the rhinos? I would love to see those!
    Kenya seems so magical, it’s a shame that the flamingos are no longer there in big numbers – do you know why that is?


    1. Yes I got to see some rhinos but they were quite far so I didnt get clear shots…..Its been raining alot thus causing the water levels to increase thus the shallow feeding grounds for the flamingoes are all under water


    1. Hey…You can visit anytime . The travel advisories are not for Kenya as a whole but for particular locations . The safety concerns are usually in the cities or the coastal areas close to our Somali border….but if you are on safari…you are quite far from it all. Therefore quite safe….. Let me know if you need further details.


  4. At first, I though the flamingos were completely extinct. That would have been sad. I am glad to hear that they are just moved to a different location.
    I am curious as to what is now the “top things to see” in lake Nakuru?

    Happy travels!


    1. The lake is surrounded by the park where you can be able to see animals like the white and black rhinos,cape buffalo, African wild dog, zebra, eland, waterbuck and lion..etc…. You can also visit the view points like Baboon Cliff… (The picture above of the lake is taken from Baboon Cliff)


  5. Interesting to know you can self-drive in this park and that it’s so close to Nairobi. How sad that the flamingos have moved to another lake but at least they’re safe and sound.


    1. In the case of Flamingoes….they have just moved on to another lake but still in huge numbers ….But we definately have issues with our elephant and rhino populations due to poaching for Ivory


  6. Kenya is a wonderland, a veritable eden. It is sad that the animal populations are threatened. The flamingoes are graceful birds, glad to see them survive. I know the agencies and other stakeholders are doing their best to conserve the environment.


  7. I was lucky enough to visit Nakuru in the summer of 2015. While there were flamingoes, there weren’t very many. I also saw some white rhinos in the distance but I imagine those are getting harder and harder to spot!


  8. It’s so interesting to me that the flamingos have left due to rising water! One of the biggest issues we’re facing in my home area (Nevada and California, USA) is dropping water levels. Extreme drought has left many of our lakes and reservoirs dry! Crazy that both extremes can have so much damage to the wildlife.


  9. I always think it is interesting to see how our favorite places change over time. Even though it isn’t always for the better, its good to know about them and educate the world about them.


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