The Pride Rock at Hell’s Gate National Park

Did you know that Hell’s Gate National Park inspired the scenery of the iconic 1994 film “The Lion King”???   The Pride Rock is a real life landmark located in the park. That is so cool !!!   One more reason for me to visit the park again.

I had quite a memorable experience on my last visit. We  had arranged a day trip  with a couple of friends. It is at least 1 ½ hour drive from Nairobi.  On arrival we rented bikes at the main gate and cycled in towards the gorge.  It was quite exciting to be peddling next to herds of zebras,giraffes,eland and antelopes . This is the only park in Kenya where you are allowed to do this.

Hells Gate - vers Naivasha (2)

Normally  you do need a guide to take you down to the gorge. One of my friends convinced us not to pay for a guide since he knew is way around. Long story short we got lost in the gorge . The park wardens almost came looking for us.

Gorges de Hells Gate - vers Naivasha
The gorge

The park offers other activities to like rock climbing and birdwatching.  In terms of accommodation, there is a campsite within the park.

If you do get a chance to visit, pay for the guide. Do not visit the gorge during rainy season due to flash floods .

Finally do look out for the Pride Rock , I know I will on my next GUIDED visit…..

Happy Travels


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